2k-3k Loans

2k-3k Loans can be applied for here.

Not merely 1k anymore, you can do a lot more with 3 thousand bucks.

payday loan success story 2

If you haven’t read the 1k Ideas, check them out here. These same ideas still apply.

But with 3 thousand dollars, you can:

  1. Pay off any debt that is high in interest. Yeah… paying off debt sucks! We get it. But it’s money that will decide in the future if you’re liable for a house or a car.
  2. Upgrade your house. Get better insulation. Fix the holes and the cracks. Then resell. Invest in solar-powered tech. Solar panels, for example, can free you from monthly electric bills. The overall value of your house will go way up.
  3. Fix the car. Or better yet, get a new one!